Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 31 October 2011

Delegation of Authority to set Grant Start Dates in Exceptional Circumstances

The Board recognizes that Decision Point GF/B19/DP19 entitled “Flexibilities to Set Grant Start Dates” delegates to the Secretariat the authority to set the Start Date for grant agreements up to 18 months after Board approval of a proposal to allow for alignment and harmonization.

The Board extends that delegated authority by further authorising the Secretariat to delay a Start Date to allow for exceptional circumstances. The following events are indicative of the standard required to justify „exceptional circumstances‟: natural disasters, sudden outbreaks of disease, sudden or unforeseen outbreaks of civil or political unrest that would severely hinder programmatic start up activities.

This decision does not have material budgetary implications for the 2011 Operating Expenses Budget.