Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 March 2013

Decision on additional funding for the Rwanda SSF Tuberculosis grant (RWN-T-MOH).

The Board:

  1. Approves additional funding for the Phase 2 period of the Rwanda SSF Tuberculosis grant (RWN-T-MOH) in the amount listed in Table 2, subject to relevant clarifications and conditions imposed by TRP. Approval is granted based on the understanding that the amount approved is the upper ceiling rather than the final funding amount for the Phase 2 period and that on-going implementation arrangements for the grant shall be pursued by the Secretariat consistent with the principles of the recommendations set forth in the related Grant Score Card submitted to the Board and in accordance with Global Fund policies. Approval is also subject to the provision that continued funding for the grant shall be committed in annual tranches, subject to the availability of funding (GF/B25/DP16, para 7 of Annex 1).

See attached tabledetailing total recommended funding amount of USD 22,054,804 for the following grant: RWN-T-MOH