Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 19 June 2013

Appreciation of Outgoing Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board

The Board expresses its deep appreciation to Simon Bland for his leadership as Chair of the Board. He has served the Global Fund with a high degree of personal commitment and passion. During his tenure, Simon has successfully guided the Board through significant challenges and important decisions that will continue to shape the future of the Global Fund.

The Board also expresses sincere gratitude to Mphu Ramatlapeng for her leadership as Vice-Chair of the Board. She has served the Global Fund with dedication and distinction. During her tenure, Mphu has been instrumental in driving governance reform, coordinating important deliberations, and facilitating decisions of the Board that will have a lasting impact on the Global Fund.

Their stewardship of the Board through the Consolidated Transformation Plan, the development of a new funding model, and the appointments of the Executive Director and the Inspector General have pointed the Global Fund towards continued success and efficiency in achieving its mission.

The Board wishes Simon and Mphu all the success in their future endeavors and bestows upon them the honorary titles of Chair Emeritus and Vice-Chair Emeritus of the Board, respectively.