Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 21 November 2014

Market Dynamics Oversight

  1. Based on the joint recommendation of the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (the “SIIC”) and the Finance and Operational Performance Committee (the “FOPC”), as outlined in GF/B32/23, the Board:
    1. Affirms its commitment to optimizing the performance and impact of investments in health products and devices, through the review and updating of the Market Shaping Strategy (Annex 1 to GF/B23/09 - Revision 1) as well as oversight of its implementation and operationalization;
    2. Decides the Market Dynamics Advisory Group (the “MDAG”) will cease as of the date of this decision, and that no advisory body shall be created or utilized to support the Board and its Committees in their responsibilities over market-dynamics matters;
    3. Acknowledges the Secretariat’s responsibility to develop, update and implement strategic policies and initiatives on market-dynamics matters in collaboration with partners with relevant expertise;
    4. Decides that the overall responsibilities for oversight and monitoring of market-dynamics matters, which include strategic and operational components, shall rest with the FOPC and SIIC as follows:
      1. The SIIC shall be responsible for guiding and overseeing the development and updating of strategic policies related to market-dynamics matters, such as the Market Shaping Strategy for recommendation to the Board by its November 2015 meeting; and
      2. The FOPC shall be responsible for oversight of the implementation of strategic policies, including the financial and operational aspects of related sourcing and procurement initiatives.
  2. Accordingly, the Board approves the amendments and restatements of the following governance documents, which shall become effective as of the date of this decision:
    1. Bylaws, as set forth in Annex 1 to GF/B32/23;
    2. Charter of the Finance and Operational Performance Committee, as set forth in Annex 2 to GF/B32/23; and
    3. Charter of the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee, as set forth in Annex 3 to GF/B32/23.
  3. The Board directs the FOPC and SIIC, in collaboration with the Secretariat, to develop procedures and mechanisms on reporting and engagement to facilitate the FOPC and SIIC in the discharge of their responsibilities, including establishment of methods for how the committees will communicate, as a whole and through focal points, and ways to enlist experts that can provide technical support when appropriate. Such procedures and mechanisms will be in place and communicated among the members of the FOPC and SIIC by the end of the 2014 calendar year.