Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 17 November 2015

Global Fund Board’s commitment on Replenishment

  1. The Board:

    a. Expresses its strong commitment to the Global Fund Fifth Replenishment (2017-2019) aimed at raising the appropriate levels of funding for implementation of the "Investing to End Epidemics" Strategy; 

    b. Recognizes the importance of the preparatory meeting that will take place in Tokyo in December 2015; and

    c. Acknowledges the challenging environment for mobilizing resources, the need to continue maximizing the Global Fund's results and impact, and the initiative to maximize absorption capacity.

  2. Accordingly the Board will:

    a. Explore options to enhance its active engagement in contributing towards a successful outcome of the Replenishment, including the broadening of the donor base; and

    b. Seek the support of high-level individual(s) who, in collaboration with the Board leadership and Secretariat, will advocate on its behalf for a successful Global Fund Replenishment.