Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 January 2016

Appointment of the Ethics Officer

1. The Board:
a. Notes its approval of the Terms of Reference of the Ethics Officer (the "Terms of Reference") (GF/B33/EDP14);
b. Notes the requirement set forth in the Terms of Reference whereby the Audit and Ethics Committee ("AEC") and the Executive Director are to jointly select the Ethics Officer, for appointment by the Board on a no-objection basis;
c. Notes the AEC's delegation of authority to Claude Rubinowicz and Wendy Harrison to jointly select, with the Executive Director, the Ethics Officer for recommendation to the Board (GF/AEC12/EDP02);
d. Recognizes the work of the AEC, the Executive Director and the Secretariat to select a suitable candidate for this position; and
e. Accepts the joint recommendation of the AEC and the Executive Director, as set forth in document GF/B34/ER07.

2. Accordingly, the Board:
a. Approves the appointment of Nick Jackson to the position of Global Fund Ethics Officer for a three-year term which can be renewed no more than once; and
b. Authorizes the Secretariat to enter into a contract of employment with Nick Jackson for an annual salary subject to the Amended and Restated Global Fund Human Resources Policy Framework, and requests the Secretariat to proceed with that process pursuant to standard Human Resources procedures.