Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 07 October 2016

Appointment of Independent Committee Member

1. The Board acknowledges the process led by the Board Chair and Vice-Chair to identify candidates to serve as independent committee members on the Ethics and Governance Committee (the "EGC"), as set forth in GF/B35/ER13".

2. Accordingly, the Board approves the appointment of Joan Elise Dubinsky to serve as a non-voting independent member of the EGC with expertise in the area of ethics for a two-year term starting from the June 2016 initial meeting of the EGC, or until the appointment of her successor

3. In accordance with the EGC Charter, which provides that independent committee members may receive honoraria, the Board also decides to make available to the individual appointed as an independent committee member under this decision point an annual amount of USD 13,500.