Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 19 December 2016

Review of the Employee Grievance and Dispute Resolution System

1. The Board acknowledges the work carried out by the Secretariat to review the Global Fund's employee grievance and dispute resolution system, as well as the decisions reached by the Management Executive Committee (MEC) to strengthen internal components of this system (GF/B36/ER03).

2. Regarding mechanisms for final resolution of employee grievances, the Board notes the review carried out by the Secretariat on the recognition of the jurisdiction of the International Labour Organization Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT), as compared with other available mechanisms.

3. Noting the outcome of this review, and upon recommendation from the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC), the Board requests that the Secretariat continue its work in this area, specifically to (i) further explore available mechanisms for final resolution of employee disputes; and (ii) review the feasibility of implementing alternatives to the current system within the Global Fund's context. The Staff Council will be consulted as part of this exercise.

4. Provided an alternative model is identified which is both feasible and considered by MEC to present advantages over the current ILOAT model, the Board requests that the Secretariat develop such an alternative model and present it to the AFC for review and decision at its October 2017 meeting. As part of its presentation to the AFC, the Secretariat will include an analysis of the projected costs of any proposed alternative model, as compared with the current ILOAT model.