Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 04 May 2017

Health Situation in Venezuela

  1. The Board expresses:
    1. Continued concern about the resurgence of malaria, shortages of critical commodities for HIV and TB, and broader health crisis in Venezuela and its impact on the region; and
    2. Appreciation for the engagement of communities, civil society groups, PAHO, UNAIDS, WHO and others and their efforts to raise awareness and explore solutions for this situation.
  2. The Board discussed the situation at length, noting Venezuela is currently not eligible for Global Fund financing, and calls for a coordinated regional response to the health crisis in Venezuela and that addresses the impact on the region incorporating relevant partners, donors and financers.
  3. Under such circumstances, in the context of a regional response, the Global Fund will continue to engage and, if possible, support the regional response
  4. The Board directs the Strategy Committee and the Secretariat to discuss exceptional circumstances in non-eligible countries as part of the ongoing review of the Eligibility Policy.