Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 04 May 2017

Recognition of Dr. Mark Dybul

At the end of his term, the Board wishes to sincerely thank Mark Dybul for the exceptional leadership, vision, and passion he displayed throughout his tenure as Executive Director.

Through his tireless, humble, far-sighted efforts to expand and maximize the impact of the Global Fund partnership, Dr. Dybul has inspired all partners to go farther than many thought possible: two successful Replenishments; implementation of a new funding model; shifting operations and attitudes to embrace a strong focus on impact; strengthening partnerships to deliver our mission; supporting the Board in devising a new Strategy; and developing forward-looking initiatives to better promote sustainability and innovation.

The Board additionally recognizes Dr. Dybul’s role in enhancing the relationship between the Board and the Secretariat. Through strengthening this relationship, he has helped the Global Fund remain targeted on achieving its mission and focused on best serving those affected by the three diseases.

The Board wishes Dr. Dybul every success in the future.