Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 14 November 2017

Integration of Additional Public Donors into the Global Fund Governance Structure and Amendment of the Global Fund Bylaws

Based on the recommendation of the Ethics and Governance Committee, the Board:

  1. Amends Article 7.1 of the Global Fund Bylaws by deleting the text which states “One Swiss citizen with his or her domicile in Switzerland authorized to act on behalf of the Global Fund to the extent required by Swiss law; and”, and replacing it with the following text: “One representative of the public donors which are not part of a voting donor constituency but have each pledged a contribution of at least $10 million in the current replenishment cycle; and”;
  2. Requests that the Secretariat invite the public donors included in the group which are not part of a voting donor constituency but have each pledged a contribution of at least $10 million in the current replenishment cycle to join this new non-voting Board constituency and develop a process for selecting its Board representation in accordance with the Bylaws and the Operating Procedures of the Board and Committees of the Global Fund; and
  3. Requests the Donor Voting Group report at the 39th meeting of the Global Fund Board on its revised process for public donor seat allocation, which will ensure that new public donors, who commit to the principles in the Framework Document of the Global Fund and contribute/pledge more than a defined threshold amount for two consecutive replenishment periods, will be integrated into a voting public donor constituency.