Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 14 November 2017

2018 Corporate Work Plan and Budget Narrative and the 2018 Operating Expenses Budget

Based on the recommendation of the Audit and Finance Committee, the Board approves the following:

  1. 2018 Corporate Work Plan and Budget Narrative, as set forth in GF/B38/04B; and 
  2. 2018 Operating Expenses Budget in the amount of up to USD 312.0 million, as set forth in GF/B38/04A- Revision 1 (the “2018 OPEX Budget”), which includes USD 15.92 million for the Office of the Inspector General’s 2018 operating expenses and up to USD 12.0 million as exceptional, one-off impact of the Global Health Campus infrastructure investment.

However, the Board reaffirms the agreement that the total operating expenses over the 2017-2019 period will remain within USD 900.0 million and requires that the Secretariat undertake a comprehensive review of both the operating expense budget for 2019 and the operating expenses required to meet the Global Fund’s strategic objectives, in connection with the presentation of the 2019 operating expense budget.