Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 November 2017

Approval of Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption

  1. Based on the recommendation of the Ethics and Governance Committee, the Board approves the Global Fund Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption as set forth in Annex 4 to GF/B38/06 – Revision 2;
  2. The Board directs the Executive Director to develop an implementation plan, and to periodically report to the Board through the Ethics and Governance Committee on its implementation of the Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption, as part of regular updates pursuant to the Ethics and Integrity Framework; 
  3. Consistent with his/her authority to implement the Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption, the Executive Director shall have delegated authority to approve exceptions to the Policy. This provision does not apply to access rights of the Office of the Inspector General for which the Inspector General shall have such delegated authority; and
  4. The Board further directs that appropriate and regular reporting be made by the Executive Director and Inspector General to the Ethics and Governance Committee or the Audit and Finance Committee on the exercise of the authority delegated under paragraph 3 of this Decision Point; and
  5. The authority delegated to the Executive Director and the Inspector General, as the case may be, under paragraph 3 of this Decision Point expires at the moment when the Board has adopted the framework the Board has requested the Secretariat to develop in GF/B37/DP07.

Budgetary Implications

Budgetary implications not applicable