Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 23 March 2018

Decision on the Secretariat’s Recommendation on Funding from the 2017-2019 Allocation

The Board:

  1. Approves the funding recommended for each country disease component, and its constituent grants, as listed in Table 1 to GF/B38/EDP15 (“Table 1”);
  2. Acknowledges each country disease component’s constituent grants will be implemented by the proposed Principal Recipients listed in Table 1, or any other Principal Recipient(s) deemed appropriate by the Secretariat in accordance with Global Fund policies;
  3. Affirms the funding approved under this decision (a) is subject to the availability of funding, and (b) shall be committed in annual tranches; and
  4. Delegates to the Secretariat authority to redistribute the overall upper-ceiling of funding available for each country disease component among its constituent grants, provided that the Technical Review Panel (the “TRP”) validates any redistribution that constitutes a material change from the program and funding request initially reviewed and recommended by the TRP.


Table 1: Secretariat’s Funding Recommendation on Funding from the 2017-2019 Allocation - Please note that each country name is linked to the extranet site where supporting documents are available for review. (available in Related Documents)