Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 09 May 2018

Strengthening the Processes for Selection of Committee Leadership and Committee Members

  1. Notes its commitment to continue to strengthen Global Fund governance processes and requests that the Ethics and Governance Committee (“EGC”) undertakes a review of the existing processes for selection of committee leadership and members, and makes recommendations to the Board on revisions to these selection processes, aiming for a decision at the 40th Board Meeting;
  2. Requests that as part of this recommendation, the EGC (i) puts forward principles and concrete actions to underpin and guide the selection processes, including transparency, rotation of constituency representation, relevant experience, institutional memory, and gender equality; (ii) develops standards and processes for due diligence undertaken as part of the selection processes; and (iii) reviews the size and composition of the EGC; and
  3. Requests that the EGC seeks feedback broadly from across Board constituencies in formulating its recommendations, including through inviting a representative of civil society to be a participant in EGC deliberations on this review.