Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 13 September 2018

Appointment of a New Member to the Strategy Committee

  1. The Board:
    1. Recalls its decision (GF/B38/DP05) on the Integration of Additional Public Donors into the Global Fund Governance Structure and Amendment of the Global Fund Bylaws;
    2. Notes the requirement of the Operating Procedures of the Board and Committees pursuant to which each constituency of the Board must be represented in at least one Standing Committee of the Board;
    3. Notes the Board decision (GF/B39/EDP02) to create an additional non-voting committee seat within the Strategy Committee; and
    4. Notes that the Additional Public Donors Constituency is not currently represented on a Standing Committee of the Board.
  1. Accordingly, the Board appoints Kaltham Al-Assam, representing the Additional Public Donors Constituency, as a non-voting member of the Strategy Committee for a term that will expire in May 2020, or until the appointment of her successor.

Budgetary Implications

Budgetary implications of this decision are included in annual OPEX budget.