Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 02 November 2018

Appointment of the Board Leadership Nomination Committee Membership

  1. The Board notes the recommendation of the Ethics and Governance Committee, as set forth in GF/B39/ER13, relating to the membership of the Board Leadership Nomination Committee (“Nomination Committee”).
  2. Accordingly, the Board appoints the following individuals to serve as members of the Nomination Committee in accordance with the terms of reference of the Nomination Committee approved under electronic decision point GF/B39/EDP08 and set out in Annex 4 to GF/B39/ER07:
      a. Stéphanie Seydoux, Chair of the Nomination Committee;
      b. Vikas Sheel, Vice-Chair of the Nomination Committee;
      c. Paul Schaper, Member;
      d. Rachel Ong, Member;
      e. Sherwin Charles, Member;
      f. Olaitan Tajudeen Ibrahim; Member and,
      g. Minghui Ren, Member.