Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 16 May 2019

Appreciation of Outgoing Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board

The Board expresses its deep appreciation to Aida Kurtović for her leadership as Chair of the Board. Over her time working with the Global Fund as Board Member for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Constituency, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Board, Aida has shown a high degree of personal commitment, willingness to devote time and energy to the work of the Global Fund, and particular attention to engagement with constituencies. The Board recognizes her significant contribution to the priorities of the Global Fund over many years.

The Board also expresses sincere gratitude to Amb. John Simon for his leadership as ViceChair of the Board. He has served the Global Fund with dedication, and has been an active driver of governance effectiveness, relationship building and collaboration that will have a lasting impact on the Global Fund.

During their tenure, the outgoing Chair and Vice-Chair have presided over significant deliberations and decisions that will continue to shape the future of the Global Fund. Under their leadership, the Board appointed the Executive Director, guided resource mobilization efforts, adopted key decisions, including, the Revised Eligibility Policy and criteria regarding potential engagement with on-eligible countries in crisis, a strengthened Board Leadership Selection Process, the CCM evolution initiative, the Allocation Methodology and Catalytic Investments for the 2020-2022 Allocation Period, and integrated additional public donors into the Global Fund Governance Structure.

The Board wishes Aida and John every success in their future endeavors and bestows upon them the honorary titles of Chair Emeritus and Vice-Chair Emeritus of the Board, respectively