Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 14 November 2019

Evolving the pilot for non-Global Fund-financed orders

  1. Based on the recommendation of the Strategy Committee as presented in GF/B42/04- Revision 1, the Board:

    1. reaffirms the importance of and supports evolving the pilot approved by the Board pursuant to GF/B37/DP09, as the number of transactions was increased pursuant to GF/SC09/DP01, to further its development and advancement;
    2. decides that, in connection with the evolution of the pilot, may be made available for non-Global Fund-financed orders by governments and non-government development organizations in Global Fund-eligible and transitioned countries, for all products, services and functionalities as they become available on, subject, if applicable, to agreement by the product catalogue owners, as described in GF/B42/04- Revision 1, up to a cap of USD 50 million of transactions within the above scope from the date of this Decision Point; and
    3. instructs the Secretariat to undertake consultations early in 2020, an evaluation of the pilot in 2022 and bi-annual reporting on progress of the pilot to the Strategy Committee.

  2. The Board delegates to the Strategy Committee the authority to:
    1. approve a higher cap for transactions within the scope of Section 1(ii) above on a pilot basis prior to the consultations in 2020; and
    2. establish the future parameters of the pilot within the scope of Section 1(ii) above, based on the outcome of the 2020 consultations.
  3. The Board requests the Secretariat to include the results of the evaluation referred to in Section 1(iii) in the development of a strategy for future advancement of to be presented for Board approval at the conclusion of the pilot for non-Global Fund-financed orders no later than November 2022.