Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 12 March 2020

Appointment of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Standing Committees of the Board

  1. The Board approves the appointment of:
    1. Michael Ruffner as Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee;
    2. Edward Ouko as Vice-Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee;
    3. Suomi Sakai as Vice-Chair of the Ethics and Governance Committee;
    4. Rico Gustav as Chair of the Strategy Committee; and
    5. Gunilla Carlsson as Vice-Chair of the Strategy Committee.
  2. The Board notes each Committee Chair and Vice-Chair appointed under this decision point shall begin their term on 16 May 2020 and serve for two years or until the appointment of their successor.

Budgetary Implications

Included in OpEx budget.