Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 26 November 2021

Approval of the Secretariat’s Recommendation on Funding from the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (Bangladesh)

The Board:

  1. Notes its decision in GF/B44/EDP18, which requires the Secretariat to recommend to the Board, for its approval, any COVID-19 Response Mechanism (“C19RM”) awards exceeding US$35 million, as measured in aggregate by country (not including any funding awarded for COVID-19 commodities through fast-track investments or C19RM funding awarded in 2020), as well as increases to C19RM awards previously approved by the Board that either exceed USD 10 million or include interventions not previously approved by the Board;
  2. Approves the funding recommended for each country, as listed in Table 1 of GF/B46/ER03; and
  3. Delegates to the Secretariat authority to redistribute the overall upper ceiling of funding available for each country among its constituent grants in accordance with the previously approved principles under GF/B44/EDP18.

Budgetary Implications

This decision does not raise new, material budgetary implications for operating expenses.