Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 17 November 2022

2023-2028 M&E Framework, KPI Framework and Multi-Year Evaluation Calendar

The Board acknowledges and appreciates the extensive work across the partnership to incorporate past lessons into development of an improved holistic approach to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for the new Strategy. The Board notes the recommendations of the Strategy Committee (SC) and Audit and Finance Committee (AFC), as set forth in GF/B48/04 and:

  1. Endorses the components of the M&E Framework as described in GF/B48/04 Annex 1;
  2. Approves the KPI Framework (including each Key Performance Indicator), as set forth in GF/B48/04 Annex 2;
  3. Approves the topics for the Multi-Year Evaluation Calendar 2023-2028 as set forth in GF/B48/04 Annex 3; and
  4. Delegates authority to the SC to approve changes to the Multi-Year Evaluation Calendar in 2023, following a request by the Chief Evaluation and Learning Officer and advice from the Independent Evaluation Panel.

Budgetary Implications

Budget for the Independent Evaluation Function is included in the 2023 OPEX and will be requested annually in line with approved workplans. No specific budgetary implication for the implementation of the KPI Framework.