Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 11 May 2023

Appreciation of Outgoing Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board

The Board expresses its deep appreciation to Dr. Donald Kaberuka for his leadership as Chair of the Board. Over his time working with the Global Fund, he has driven strong engagement for the Global Fund at the most senior levels, provided strategic direction including during a prolonged period of virtual governance, and demonstrated clear commitment to the work of the Global Fund.

The Board also expresses sincere gratitude to Lady Roslyn Morauta for her leadership as Vice-Chair of the Board. She has served the Global Fund with passion and dedication and continues to show her personal conviction for the mission of the Global Fund by her willingness to continue as the incoming Chair of the Board. During her tenure as Vice-Chair, Lady Roslyn Morauta has been an active leader and a strong advocate for the Global Fund and the communities we serve.

During their tenure, Dr Kaberuka and Lady Morauta presided over strategy deliberations and decisions that will continue to shape the future of the Global Fund under its new strategy. Together, they have contributed to strengthening relations among Global Fund stakeholders. Their contribution will have a lasting impact on the Global Fund.

The Board wishes Dr Kaberuka every success in the future and bestows upon him the honorary title of Chair Emeritus. The Board welcomes Lady Roslyn Morauta into her new role, and looks forward to her tenure, as Chair of the Board.