Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on:
30 January 2009

Amendment to GF/B18/DP3 Board Decision paragraph on the New Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC)

The Board amends numbered paragraph 3 of its decision point GF/B18/DP13 as follows:

  1. New Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC): The first phase of RCC proposals (RCC 1) approved by the Board in response to RCC invitations sent after the date of this decision shall be subject to a limit of 140% of the amount of incremental funding approvedthe budget for the Phase 2 period of the relevant expiring grant (indicated in the Grant Score Card, section B.2. as “Global Fund Recommendation” for the “Total Phase 2 Amount”). If new resources become available, this limit may be reviewed and revised or removed.

This decision shall take effect immediately and shall apply to all RCC proposals submitted to the Global Fund in response to invitations sent after 1 December 2008.

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