Approved by the Board on: 12 May 2011

Global Fund Strategy Framework 2012-2016

The Board:

  1. Acknowledges the first draft of the high-level strategy document "A Strategy for the Global Fund 2012-2016" (GF/B23/15, Annex 1), which sets out the preliminary strategic direction of the Global Fund for the next five years;

  2. Requests the PSC leadership to appoint a Working Group of the PSC (the "Working Group") to work with the Secretariat, taking into account input from the Twenty-Third Board Meeting, to revise the draft Strategy Framework, prior to consultations with stakeholders, particularly at the Fourth Partnership Forum. The Working Group and Secretariat shall further improve this revised draft Strategy Framework following consultations;

  3. Asks the Partnership Forum Steering Committee to design an appropriate and efficient process to enable effective consultation on the draft Strategy Framework at the Fourth Partnership Forum;

  4. Asks the Working Group, working with the Secretariat, to ensure appropriate linkages between the action plan of the Board Comprehensive Reform Working Group and the initiatives outlined in the draft Strategy Framework and its Implementation Plan;

  5. Asks the Secretariat, working with the Working Group, to host additional necessary regional and technical fora to gather additional input on the draft Strategy Framework, as revised following the Twenty-Third Board Meeting; and

  6. Requests the Secretariat to submit the Strategy Framework, together with an implementation plan, through the PSC to the Twenty-Fourth Board Meeting for approval.

Budgetary Implications

The Board notes that the estimated budget impact of the Strategy development process in 2011 is approximately USD 950,000 for costs including technical and regional consultations, consultant fees and travel costs. The Board delegates the FAC to consider and approve this budget within the framework of the 2011 administrative budget review, which is scheduled for June 2011.

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