Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 19 February 2004

Term of Office of Board Members

The Board:

  1. Having read the following message from the Board Chair dated 30 January 2004:

    "I have been asked by several Board Members to resolve certain issues related to the renewal of Board memberships. There appear to be ambiguities in our By-Laws and Board Operating Procedures related to the terms of Board Members. Specifically, the length of the terms of Board Members is not clearly defined. In the absence of clear guidelines, the Global Fund Secretariat determined that Board membership commenced on January 28. While reasonable, this interpretation has created a significant gap in leadership positions, in particular in the position of Vice Chair. Dr. Lieve Fransen, Chair of the Governance and Partnership Committee, as well as other Committee members, which met this week in Geneva, have suggested that a better interpretation is that new Board Members terms commence at the first Board meeting of the calendar year. I am inclined to agree with this interpretation. I would to ask the Committee to develop language to amend the Board Operating Procedures to resolve this ambiguity for Board review at the March meeting.

    To resolve the immediate issue, I would like the Board to agree by resolution that new Board members will take their seat on the morning of March 18, the first day of our first Board meeting of the year. Such a solution would allow our current leadership to continue its work in the weeks leading up to the March Board meeting. The terms of office of our new Board Members would therefore extend to the first Board meeting of calendar year 2006, so that incoming Board Members would not lose any net time of service.


    Tommy G. Thompson
    Chair, Global Fund Board of Directors"

  2. The Board approves that:

    1. New Board members will take their seat at the start of the first Board Meeting of 2004.

    2. The terms of office of new Board Members will extend to the first Board meeting of calendar year 2006.


The text of this decision reflects the substance of the emailfrom the Secretariat requesting Board approval on this matter. The referencenumber of this decision was assigned post-factum.