Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 08 November 2008

Affordable Medicines Facility - malaria

The Board refers to its earlier decisions regarding the Affordable Medicine Facility - malaria ("AMFM") (GF/B16/DP14 and GF/B17/DP16).

The Board approves the Policy Framework and Implementation Plan set out in the AMFm Ad Hoc Committee Report to the Board (GF/B18/7 - the "AMFm Report") and reaffirms its decision to host and manage the AMFm for an initial phase ("Phase 1") in a limited number of countries. The Board requests the Secretariat to begin operation of Phase 1 of the AMFm.

The Board requests the AMFm Ad Hoc Committee to continue to oversee the pre-launch preparations

of AMFm Phase 1 in keeping with its current committee mandate up to the 19th Board meeting (and authorizes it to make minor modifications to the Policy Framework and Implementation Plan). At the 19th Board meeting, the Board will decide on the governance structure for the oversight and performance monitoring of the implementation of Phase 1.

The Board requests the Secretariat to commission an independent technical evaluation of the roll-out of the AMFm in the AMFm Phase 1 countries. The Board requests the committee with oversight of AMFm Phase 1 to review the findings of such evaluation and to make a recommendation to the Board on its completion (estimated for the second half of 2010), at which time the Board will determine whether to expand, accelerate, terminate or suspend the AMFm business line.

The Board acknowledges the work and support of the RBM Task Force, UNITAID and other partners and requests its partners to continue to support the development and implementation of the AMFm.

Budgetary Implications

The budgetary implications of this decision amount to US$ 6,600,000 for pre-launch and 2009, which includes an allocation for 9 staff positions. (The cost will be covered by the budget contingency.)