Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

Follow-up to the Five Year Evaluation

Recognizing the continued role of the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) in the follow-up to the Five Year Evaluation (5YE), as part of the TERG mandate to provide independent advice, assessment and oversight for the Global Fund's work on monitoring and evaluation (M&E), the Board:

1. welcomes the findings and recommendations included in the Study Area (SA) 3 Report and in the Synthesis Report of the 5YE, as summarized in the TERG Report (GF/B19/10);

2. endorses the TERG's call for action for the Global Fund to work with partners to strengthen country monitoring and evaluation, and information systems for performance and impact, to build analytical capacity in countries and to support development of country-owned impact evaluation platforms;

3. requests the Secretariat to articulate a process and timeline for responding to and implementing the recommendations set out in SA3 and the Synthesis Report by 15 June 2009, and to report to the Board at its Twentieth Meeting, through the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC), on the Secretariat's progress in responding to recommendations contained in the SA1, SA2, SA3 and Synthesis Reports, as well as the TERG recommendations in relation to these reports;

4. requests the Chair of the Board, in consultation with Committee Chairs, to set up a small ad-hoc committee by 30 June 2009 with the specific task of assisting the Board, through the PSC, to (i) follow-up on, and formulate the Board's responses to the 5YE recommendations, and (ii) further define the role of the TERG in relation to independent evaluations, the resources required and Board oversight of the process.

This decision supersedes the Board Decision (GF/B18/DP21).