Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 26 June 2009

RCC Requalification of Round 3 South Africa Grant number SAF-304-G04-H

The Board recalls its decision GF/B14/DP/28 in which it authorized the Secretariat, on an exceptional basis, to consider the Request for Continued Funding submitted by the CCM of South Africa for the Round 3 South Africa Grant number SAF-304-G04-H, which anticipated a 4-year Phase 2 term.

This decision was based on the commitment of the Government of South Africa at the time to achieve sustainability of the HIV/AIDS program in the Western Cape province and not requiring further Global Fund support for those activities beyond September 2010. The Board decides that due to the change in circumstances surrounding the implementation of the Western Cape HIV/AIDS program, it is willing to consider a further request from the CCM of South Africa for continued support of the program by the Global Fund, and authorizes the Secretariat to consider the grant for qualification under the Rolling Continuation Channel.


The reference number of this decision was assigned post-factum.