Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 11 November 2009

Working Group to Manage the Tension Between Supply and Demand in a Resource-Constrained Environment

The Board refers to its decision made at the Nineteenth Board Meeting establishing a working group to examine the tension between demand and supply in a resource-constrained environment (GF/B19/DP26) (the "Working Group").

The Board commends the Working Group on its recommendations to the Board contained in its report (GF/B20/12) and endorses the broad lines of thought contained in the recommendations contained in the report. In particular, the Board notes that the measures outlined for Area B in the report need to be discussed by the Board and requests the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board to urgently establish the appropriate process, including some recommendations to the Board before the launch of the next Funding Round.

The Board requests that this process takes forward the Working Group's effort to improve prioritization for funding amongst proposals. The Board recognizes that significant progress has been made and that further work is necessary to assist the Board to make difficult prioritization decisions.

With reference to the Working Group's suggestions on the need for more sophisticated strategies, tools and mechanisms for identifying efficiencies in grant proposals and implementation, the Board requests the Chair and Vice Chair, together with appropriate committees, to make recommendations to the Board at its next meeting.

This should specifically address key areas where efficiency gains can and should be made, including a focus on commodity pricing, procurement and supply chain management, optimizing country level collaboration and partnerships, as well as budgeting, planning and implementation processes in line with best practices in efficient and quality service delivery.