Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 20 February 2010

Approval of Round 9 Proposals (Category 2B)

The Board refers to its Decision GF/B20/DP11 regarding approval of Round 9 proposals and approves for funding for an initial two years those Round 9 proposals recommended for funding by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and identified as ‘Category 2B’ proposals and as listed in the following table. Such approval is subject to the Comprehensive Funding Policy, satisfactory completion by the applicants of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) clarifications as set out in paragraph 5 of Decision GF/B20/DP11 and the measures associated with funding of Round 9 proposals and national strategy applications set out in Decision GF/B20/DP9.

See attached tabledetailing total TRP recommended Phase 1 Upper Ceiling (2 years) funding amount of US$ 719,921,434 for the Category 2B grants.