Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 12 May 2011

Plan for Comprehensive Reform: Implementation of Reforms, Monitoring and Learning

  1. The Board acknowledges that the Global Fund, as a whole, needs to move forward thoughtfully with the implementation of the overall comprehensive reform agenda, and asks that the Secretariat and incoming Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board take on and advance the operational and governance reforms recommended in the Report of the Comprehensive Working Group (CRWG Report, GF/B23/13).

  2. The Board notes that strategic priorities will need to be set in anchoring the operational reforms in the Secretariat‟s current workplan. The Board encourages the Secretariat to engage with the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) regarding resource implications for successful implementation of these reforms.

  3. The Board acknowledges that consultations with direct implementers have been conducted in Ukraine, Kenya, Thailand, El Salvador and Senegal as part of the comprehensive reform process, and that those inputs should be taken into consideration during the implementation of reforms.

  4. The Board acknowledges that it will be accountable for the successful implementation of the comprehensive reform agenda. The Board requests the Executive Director and incoming Chair and Vice-Chair to jointly submit a report at Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth Board Meeting, which outlines overall progress in relation to the nine reform objectives.