Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 31 October 2011

Extension of deadline for Round 10 Grant Signatures

The Board refers to the following Decision establishing a „Policy on Timeframes for Grant Agreements‟ approved at its Eighth Board meeting:

"If a grant agreement has not been signed 12 months after Board approval, the proposal should no longer be considered approved unless the Board decides to allow a further exceptional time extension based on information received from the Secretariat and CCMs. This time extension will be limited to a maximum of 3 months.

The Board decides that this policy should apply for Round 3 and subsequent Rounds.”

The Board delegates to the Secretariat the authority to allow extensions of up to three months to the signing timeframe for Round 10 proposals on an exceptional basis and only in situations in which there is a strong justification for granting an extension.

By 30 April 2012, the Secretariat will provide a report to the Board or its relevant Committee identifying those Round 10 proposals that were granted extensions to the signing deadline, together with the justification for these extensions.

This decision does not have material budgetary implications for the 2011 Operating Expenses Budget.