Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 22 November 2011

TRP Membership

  1. The Board refers to its decision on "TRP Recruitment 2010-2012" (B21/EDP/18) appointing the membership of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) Support Group, comprising the pool of experts from which TRP membership will be replenished in the event of TRP vacancies as they may arise. The Board also notes that each of the TRP Support Group members (as presented in Annex 1 of the Report B21/EDP/18) have been recommended by the Portfolio and Implementation Committee and the Executive Director of the Global Fund Secretariat. The Board authorizes the TRP Chair and TRP Vice-Chairs to appoint replacements for vacancies in the Permanent TRP and Alternate members from members of the TRP Support Group.

  2. The Board authorizes the TRP Chair and TRP Vice-Chairs to add members to the TRP as required for a given round of proposals. Such additional members shall be selected from Alternate Members, and where necessary due to member unavailability, from former TRP Members.

  3. When additional members are added to the TRP, the TRP leadership shall report such additions to the relevant Board Committee.

  4. The Terms of Reference of the TRP shall be amended accordingly.