Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 07 March 2014

Appointment of Audit and Ethics Committee Members

  1. The Board acknowledges the recommendations set forth in GF/B31/10 outlining the membership appointment recommendations for the Board’s Audit and Ethics Committee (the “AEC”).
  2. Accordingly, the Board approves the appointment of the following individuals to the AEC for a term that will expire on 9 March 2016, or until the appointment of their respective successors:
    1. Graham Jocelyne as independent Chair of the AEC;
    2. Mohammed Abdellatif as independent member of the AEC;
    3. Gabor Amon as independent member of the AEC;
    4. Wendy Harrison as independent member of the AEC; and
    5. Christopher Kassami as a constituency-nominated member from the Eastern and Southern Africa Constituency.