Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 25 April 2014

Decision on the Secretariat’s Funding Recommendation for an Interim Applicant

The Board:

Approves, in accordance with its decision to launch the transition to the New Funding Model (GF/B28/DP5), incremental funding in the amount listed for the interim-applicant grant in Table 2 (the “Recommended Incremental Funding under the New Funding Model”), which will be in addition to the relevant grant’s total budget amounts that the Board has already approved for the implementation period. The Recommended Incremental Funding under the New Funding Model increases the upper-ceiling amount available for commitment rather than representing the final funding amount for the relevant implementation period, and is subject to the availability of funding and to the provision that the approved funding for the relevant grants shall be committed in annual tranches.

See attached table detailing total recommended funding amount of EUR 731,918 for the following grant: MOL-H-PCIMU for Moldova.


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