Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 April 2016

Response to Office of the Inspector General 2015 Annual Opinion and Risk Management Report and Assurance Statement

1.The Board notes its review and discussion of the: 

a.Office of the Inspector General 2015 Annual Opinion on Governance, Risk Management and Internal Controls of the Global Fund, as set forth in GF/B35/11 (the "OIG Annual Opinion"); and

b.Risk Management Report and Assurance Statement, as set forth in GF/B35/23.

2.Accordingly, the Board acknowledges that while in-country partnerships are in place and significant initiatives and measures have been implemented to improve programmatic, fiduciary and risk-management processes, immediate and heightened efforts are needed to accelerate progress and advance risk management systems and processes. 

3.The Board requests the Secretariat to:

a. Present a detailed action plan to advance risk management and internal controls, with measurable and time-bound targets, and a report on progress to the Board in June 2016 through the standing committees that were established under Board decision point GF/B34/EDP07 (the "Standing Committees"); and

b. In the context of the differentiation initiative, review the business model in high-risk countries and present possible options to the Board after review by the Standing Committees at their second meetings in 2016.