Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 31 January 2003

Report of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Finance and Audit Committee (MEFA): Procurement

  • (Deferred)  The Secretariat Procurement Policy was deferred until the next Board Meeting. The Secretariat was requested to discuss the policy with WHO in an attempt to reconcile the difficulties identified by WHO. The policy should be reviewed by the Committee before it is resubmitted to the Board.
  • Request the Secretariat to urgently put in place contracting guidelines; contracting review and documentation processes; and comprehensive conflict of interest policies.
  • Decide that until the Board agrees to its own policies and procedures on procurement of goods and servicesfor the Secretariat, the Fund Secretariat should abide by the spirit and letter of the policies and procedures of WHO in these matters.
  • Decide that the rights of Board Members to ask questions on any contracting issue on which they desire information and clarification should be affirmed within the Board Operating Procedures. The process for addressing inquiries of Board Members on contracting matters should be elaborated within the Board Operating Procedures.
  • Direct the Secretariat to provide the MEFA Committee with an independent consultant remuneration scale at their next meeting.