Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 03 November 2006

Establishment of Fixed Dates for Rounds

The Board notes that the Policy and Strategy Committee discussed (a) establishing fixed dates for the launch and approval of rounds to make progress towards greater alignment of Global Fund processes with country cycles and greater harmonization with partners' actions; and (b) ideas to develop a more flexible system whereby funding by the Global Fund of some grants or proposals might move away from rounds-based timing.

For those proposals that remain on a rounds-based system, the Board endorses the recommendation of the Policy and Strategy Committee that the Board establish and announce to the public, with significant advance notice, a fixed set of dates for future rounds of funding.

The Board decides the following:

  1. The Secretariat shall issue a minimum of one Call for Proposals in each calendar year, which it shall issue at approximately the same date(s) each year;
  1. The Global Fund Board shall, with significant advance notice, announce the dates for the next two Calls forProposalsand the dates when the Board foresees it will approve proposals;
  1. The Secretariat shall issue Calls forProposalsat least four months earlier than the due date for such proposals;
  1. The Global Fund Board shall continue to make all decisions regarding the funding of proposals through a round at Board meetings; and
  1. In accordance with the Comprehensive Funding Policy, the Secretariat will announce a forecast of the resources available for the round at the time it issues each Call forProposals.

The Board requests that at the appropriate times the Secretariat propose the appropriate dates for the next Call for Proposals and for Board approval of such proposals. These dates should take into account the schedules of recipients, partners, donors and the Secretariat.