Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 April 2010

Creation of a dedicated reserve for Most at Risk Populations for HIV/AIDS for Round 10

1. The Board decides that for Round 10 a dedicated reserve of resources for proposals from applicants who decide to submit a proposal which focuses only on most-at-risk populations for HIV/AIDS will be established. It is anticipated that this will lead to discussions on future eligibility and strategy. 

2. The Board strongly recommends that proposals coming from 'lower-middle' and 'upper-middle' income applicants clearly demonstrate increasing government contribution over the proposal lifetime to ensure sustainability of the proposal interventions in the long-term and a possible exit strategy from requiring Global Fund financing. The TRP shall take this into consideration when recommending proposals for funding. 

3. The following conditions will apply to the funding stream described in paragraph 1 above:

(a) US $75 million will be made available for the period of the initial commitment for all these proposals;

(b) The totality of the five years of all these proposals cannot exceed US $200 million;

(c) Applicants can request up to US $5 million for the initial commitment and US $12.5 million over the proposal lifetime;

(d) Existing income eligibility and cost-sharing requirements shall apply for these applicants;

(e) Applicants must opt at the time of submission of their Round 10 proposal to apply under this stream and may not submit another proposal for Round 10 for the same disease component;

(f) Applicants may not submit a separate health systems strengthening cross-cutting part under this funding stream;

(g) The prioritization for funding amongst these Round 10 TRP-recommended proposals is described in the Annex to this decision point; and

(h) In the event that a recommended proposal is not able to be funded under this funding stream due to the fact that maximum resources allocated have been exhausted, these proposals will be subject to the prioritization provisions set out GF/B21/DP17. 


8. The system for prioritizing among Round 10 TRP-recommended proposals under this funding stream, in the event that there are insufficient resources available to approve all TRP-recommended proposals, is as follows:

  1. The Secretariat is responsible for assigning a score to all TRP-recommended components of proposals in accordance with the composite index described in paragraph b. below and is to present the Board with these scores at the time of the Board's consideration of the TRP's recommendations. They are then financed in descending order (with the highest scoring proposals receiving priority).

b. A composite index, based on two criteria, is used to assign scores to each TRP-recommended component of a proposal as described below.

Criteria Indicator Value Score
TRP RecommendationTRP Recommendation CategoryCategory 14
Category 24  
Category 2B3  



Specific disease burden criteria set forth in paragraph c. below  4 
  1. The specific disease burden indicator, value and score which will be used to assign scores for HIV/AIDS disease burden are:
Indicator Value Score
HIV prevalence in vulnerable populations*MARP [1] prevalence ≥10%4
MARP prevalence ≥5% and <10%3
MARPS <5% OR no data1

*Source of data: WHO and UNAIDS

  1. If an applicant requests funds for more than one most at risk populations then scores will be allocated for each target population according to the indicator and values described above and the scores will be averaged. The average will then be rounded to the nearest score.

[1] MARP: Most at risk populations