Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 04 August 2010

Approval of the Final Resubmission Wave of RCC Proposals

  1. The Board approves, subject to paragraph 2 below, the Rolling Continuation Channel proposal recommended for funding by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) as "Category 2" which is listed in Annex 1 to the Report of the TRP and the Secretariat on Funding Recommendation for the Final Resubmission Wave of Rolling Continuation Channel Proposals (the "Final Resubmission Wave RCC Report"). The Board approves funding for up to three years for the proposal (indicated as "Total 3 Years" in Annex 1 to the Final Resubmission Wave RCC Report). The Board‘s approval is made with the clear understanding that the grant amount requested is an upper ceiling subject to TRP clarifications and grant negotiations rather than a final approved grant amount. For further clarity, this decision is subject to the revised Comprehensive Funding Policy approved at the Twentieth Board meeting.
  2. The applicant whose proposal is recommended for funding as "Category 2" shall:
    1. provide an initial detailed written response to the requested TRP clarifications and adjustments by no later than four weeks after notification in writing by the Secretariat to the applicant of the Board‘s decision; and
    2. conclude the TRP clarifications process, as indicated by the written approval of the Chair and Vice Chair of the TRP, not later than two months from the Secretariat‘s receipt of the applicant‘s initial detailed response to the issues raised for clarification and/or adjustment.
  3. The Board declines to approve for funding proposals categorized by the TRP as "Category 3B" as indicated in Annex 1 to the Final Resubmission Wave RCC Report. Such applicants are encouraged to submit a revised proposal through the Rounds-Based Channel, taking into account the TRP‘s recommendations. The Board approves, on an exceptional basis, a two week extension of the Round 10 submission deadline (i.e. to 3 September 2010) for such applicants.