Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 March 2013

2013 Inspector General Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee

The Board:

  1. Establishes a seven member ad hoc nominations committee to assist the Board with its appointment of the next Inspector General (“IG AHNC”) according to the Terms of Reference set out at Annex 1 to this Decision Point with the following membership:

    • Gabor AMON
    • Wendy HARRISON
    • Aida KURTOVIC
    • Jan PAEHLER
    • Timothy ZIEMER

  2. Requests the Audit and Ethics Committee, working in collaboration with Legal Counsel of the Global Fund, and the Interim Inspector General, to present for Board approval by not later than 5 March 2013:

    a. revised Terms of Reference for the role of Inspector General; and

    b. a revised Charter for the Office of the Inspector General.

  3. Requests the Audit and Ethics Committee to develop, and apply to candidates shortlisted by the AHNC, an appropriate conflict of interest assessment process to ensure that the Board will receive from the AHNC only the names of candidates who are without any conflict of interest for the role.

  4. Requests the AHNC to incorporate the AEC’s final recommendations into the AHNC’s decision making and present to the Board the AHNC’s recommendation on the strongest candidate(s) for the role of Inspector General, and the reasons for its recommendation, by 10 June 2013.