Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 07 March 2022

Increased Funding to the Emergency Fund

The Board expresses its concerns around the devastating effects of the recent invasion of Ukraine; Tropical Cyclone Ana in Mozambique and Malawi; and the conflict in Ethiopia’s northwestern Tigray region and the grave consequences for human lives in these areas. The Board further reaffirms its commitment to responding efficiently and quickly to emergency contexts to ensure the continuity of life-saving health services through Global Fund-supported programs. Therefore, the Board:

  1. Acknowledges that additional funding is required for the Emergency Fund in order to ensure that there is sufficient funding to respond to current and evolving emergency needs;
  2. Approves the reallocation of USD 30 million from Audit and Finance Committee-approved portfolio optimization funds to the Emergency Fund.

Budgetary Implications

Budgetary implications (included in, or additional to, OPEX budget): USD 30 million, funded from available sources of funds identified by the Audit and Finance Committee under GF/AFC17/DP03.