Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 22 July 2021

Approval of Strategy Framework

  1. The Board notes the broad and inclusive consultations undertaken to inform the development of the next Global Fund Strategy, including the partnership-wide 2020 Open Consultation, 6th Partnership Forums, and extensive Strategy Committee (“SC”) and Board guidance.
  2. The Board also notes that the Strategy Narrative will be developed based on the approved Strategy Framework and presented to the Board for approval, based on a recommendation from the SC, at its 46th meeting in November 2021.
  3. Accordingly, based on the recommendation of the SC, as presented in GF/EB01-2021/02 – Revision 1, the Board:
    1. Approves the Strategy Framework presented in Annex 1 to GF/EB01- 2021/02 – Revision 1 for the Global Fund Strategy covering the period 2023-2028; and
    2. Requests that the Secretariat develop, for the SC’s recommendation to the Board, the Strategy Narrative to further articulate areas of focus described in the Strategy Framework, based on input received to date through the Strategy development process.

Budgetary Implications

The Secretariat will work with the Audit and Finance Committee on high level OPEX costing options related to the Strategy once the final Strategy is approved.